Not One but TWO Unicorns

I have been keeping an eye open for a project for a while, I came across a pair of absolutely pristine Honda CT70 (1980 and 1983).

It Happened Again

So apparently my truck takes it from behind more than (insert your favorite pornstar here). The good news is, for the first time, I wasn’t at a red light on Taylor Ave. This truck is cursed. $3000 in damages to fix. Great. Card Card Card

Lack toes intolerant

Watch “Lori has a shower” on YouTube

BRZ you will be missed.

The BRZ has been sold.  Albeit for less than what I wanted, but a good chunk more then wholesale.   We had some good times, you saw some bad times.  You were the brunt of a few peoples stupidity and didn’t fare well in your first hail storm.  But we had fun, ruined some tires, drove looking forward [...]

Why not three wheels?

New Spyder F3 SE-6.  Tucked in for the night.  Impressive machine.  Takes a little getting used to not putting a foot down at stop lights, and I miss the front brake lever, but all in all a great piece of machinery.

Rukus for scale

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New parts, new sound

Flyby sound from the new exhaust and intake

Cuban seadoo

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Looks like a bagger with a lift kit under the cover

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